6th June - World Pest Day 2019 - Together we protect public health!

Bayer celebrates the World Pest Day 2019 and it's proud to support pest management professionals in their important work helping to protect our communities and fostering the next generation of the industry

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The aims of the World Pest Day is to raise the awareness of the  general public to important role that the pest control companies have in protecting hygiene, health and quality of life throughout the world.

How does professional pest management help our world? See the amazing pest facts below:

  • Pest Management fights back against mosquitoes, which cause more than one million deaths annually
  • Pest Management combats ticks, which cause Lyme disease – the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease in America.
  • Pest Management fights bed bugs, which are so traumatic, they can even trigger PTSD in some people.
  • Pest Management is involved in guarding the food we eat every day: food production facilities, restaurants, grocery stores and homes
  • Pest Management helps to control cockroaches – whose allergens are a common trigger to year-round allergy and asthma.
  • Pest Management helps protect us from rats and mice, which can carry more than 35 diseases.

The World Pest Day 2019 is sponsored by the trade associations of the United States (NPMA), Europe (CEPA), Asia and Oceania (FAOPMA) and China.

Together we're truly helping protect the places where we all live work and play!







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